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Formula Sailcraft Mark II
just a quick question.i live in VIC and have sailed herons for a while now and am now looking at buying a new fiberglass 125. So i was wondering what the differences between a standard 125 hull and the new mk2 hull that formula sailcraft are building, and are they legal to race at a national level?

Anyones help would be greatly appriciated
Greg7-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: [Untitled]
The Mk 2 is a 125. The Mk 2 is a new development within the rules. Basically its a cross between several of the fast 125 designs. It has a flatter rocker, more bottom round, a finer bow which is more U shaped to help it plane earlier and go through waves easier.

Theres a video of me sailing the first Mk 2 on youtube (which im also borrowing to sail at Hervey bay at the end of year.)
Nick Major8-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
how much for a fully riged mk2?
Greg8-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: [Untitled]
I work part time for Formula Sailcraft. I think a bare hull costs 6250, and a fully fitted boat depends on how much your fittings are. If you call Jim he will be able to help you out a lot more. Feel free to drop in and have a look at the boats being built...


Nick Major10-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark II
Equally the Mad Cow mould shape is a tried and tested hull shape that is also available in fibreglass. More information on the MCQ Marine boats is available on the web site

Race results tend to depend more on the sailors than the hull shape. Looking at the National championship results available on this web site shows the same hull , with variations in rig and experience and ability of crew , can be placed anywhare between 1st and last
alison21-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark II
See also the "Difference in Hulls" thread from December 2007 (about 4 pages in ) for a discussion on hull shapes
alison23-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark II
The new Mk2s which we are building at Formula Sailcraft have the flatest rocker allowed in the rules and bottom round like the newer Qld and NSW boats which have been very sucessfull in recent years. The bow is also finer than the Mk1 and slices through chop extremely well. Race model Mk2s are built to on or below minimum weight and are fully foam sandwich.
My preference for foils are the carbon sheathed cedar as they are stiffer and lighter than glass. I have a carbon cedar centreboard in my boat which I have shaped to an optimum NACA foil shape. High lift, low drag. I am planning to make a mould from this board so I can produce moulded carbon boards with a cedar/balsa core.
Our standard rudder box is a moulded carbon swing box which is extremely light and strong. My preference for rudder blade shape is the eliptical type which is now being made slightly deeper since the new rule has come in to force.
At Formula Sailcraft in Melbourne I now have a full time apprentice as well as part timers (125 sailors) and are now busy building Impulse dingies as well as 125s, all to a very high quality standard.
For more information and pictures of the Mk2 go to
Jim Scott24-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 

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