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Hull repaint ?acrylic
I have an old timber boat. I am about to repaint it. I am considering using a 100% acrylic primer then paint (like dulux weathersheild) as it is less likely to chalk with age than enamel and has the water-based advantages. Are there any disadvantages?
I do not wish to use a marine paint as it will be a substantial overcapitalisation.

Russell Furzer27-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull repaint ?acrylic
I don't think that the acrylic paint will stand up to the weather. Why don't you strip it back and varnish it? You'll find that it will sail faster and look more elegant. You don't say how big the boat is or where you intend to keep it. If it's a dinghy and will be stored in the dry, it really doesn't matter because you can hose it off and store it. But if it's on a mooring you have to consider the erosion and the barnacles. Barnacles love acrylic paint and will throng towards a boat painted with it. Barnacles are not so keen on varnish and absolutelt hate marine paint. Good luck
penelope pendragon21-Sep-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull repaint ?acrylic
Have you had any luck with that paint job? I notice that no-one else has made any suggestions. Do you intend to compete? Have you sailed much before?
penelope pendragon28-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 

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