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Hey, whats the go on sponsorship. Is it allowed in 125's?
Will20-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
125's are cheap, you dont need sponsorship's
jhugfd21-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
With sailing getting more expensive all the time it becomes harder to stay in the sport. A sponsorship will make things alot easyer.
Will21-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
With sponsorship comes expensive boats and tinkering with the one design class. Sponsors want winners and so they pay more money so that the rest of the fleet cannot afford to sail that class. Sponsorship is not for one design classes.
Derek Miles21-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
I think that isnt true, for some one young no matter how cheap the boat is, it can still cost to much. Sponsors dont always wont 1st, some just wont there name with some one that puts in, is out there every day and if they win, its an added bonus. To have a sponsor also gives younger people drive to keep pushing to be the best. Having some cash to buy a new set of sails, entry fee's and a cupple of blocks isnt a bad thing. we arnt talking moths or 18 footers hear, theres only so much that can be done in the 125 class.
Lochy21-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
If you can get sponsorship - do it!
Prior to my return to 125's this last time, which I did for my kids, I raced a Javelin.

Javelins aren't a cheap boat to run however I was lucky enough to have the right contacts that led to sponsorship from two sponsors over a couple of seasons to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Neither sponsor wanted a particular race outcome.

One was using the logos to generate a memory mindset for people chasing his type of business, the other just provided the cash becaused I'd had a long term working relationship with him.

Of course I got new sails but I also joined a gym and developed team polo shirts and gave some to the sponsors. It isn't always about a result necessairly and if it gives you a better opportunity you chase it.

The skills you will need to be able to convince some one to sponsor you is good life training in itself.

So give it a go and good luck!!
steve low21-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
Thanks Steve and Lochy, I would also like to know about the rules side of things, are we allowed to advertise on sails or the hull? Im not going out there to make 125s too expensive to sail in and I just need help on the financial side of things. Aka I cannot rely on the rents to fork out $1500 for a new set of sails anymore ect...
Will21-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Sponsorship rules
Just get yourself the current ISAF rule book, the blue book, and have a good read, it is reasonably self explanatory.

Also need to check what the Association's rules / limits, if any, are on size of signage. I don't recall any details but is has been a while since I was either sponsored or looked at the 125 good book.


steve low24-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
What are the rules?
Does anybody know anything about the associations rules on sponsership ie. can do you advertise your sponsor on your sails or hull etc? cheers mitch
mitch30-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
Hey guys
As far as I am aware I dont think 125's are allowed sponsorship to be displayed. I remember a boat that competed in a nats a couple of years were required to remove a sailmakers signage from their jib before they were allowed to compete. Having said that, the only time I can see it being an issue is at national level. I dont think it would be a too much of a prob at state level. If it means more boats on the water then im all for it.
Luke6-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 
Sponsorship status
By my reading, the current International and National sailing federation status is that unrestricted advertising is allowed.

This should be tempered by the National 125's decision as to whether to permit advertising or not. This should be written into the class Constitution however I can find no mention on advertising.

I didn't think the individual State divisions could arbitrarily rule on the matter at each title event, so if I am reading the issue correctly, the National body needs to make a decision on the issue.

So at present the National yachting authority permits advertising and the class must prescribed the level of restriction.

If no restriction is specified you are at liberty to advertise.
steve Low8-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sponsorship
The measurement rules say that the sails must be white with a contrasting patch. therfore not allowing sponsership to be advertised on the sails
Haydn Trenorden15-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 

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