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44th Nationals 2020/21
Hi all
The WA Association is giving all 125ers an early "heads up" that the 44th Australian Championships will be held at the Esperance Bay Yacht Club in Western Australia. Dates to be finalised however likely to be something like 28th Dec 2020 to 3rd Jan 2021.
We Sandgropers know its a big trip but the venue cuts 8 Hours from your road journey and is an amazing place to sail as well as have a holiday.
If you have yet to do "The Nullarbor" what better excuse!
Our goal is to reach 40 boats which would be the first time in quite a while. Its definitely possible as WA has a strong fleet size as does Esperance Bay YC.
All we need is our friends from SA, QLD, VIC & NSW to join the party.
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