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Recently purchased
Hi all,
I am relatively new to the world of sailing and brand new to the world of the 125s. I bought one a couple of months ago and finally am taking it out for a sail. I was hoping that I could find somebody to help me figure out the spinnaker setup as well as give me some guidance on maintenance. Happy to pay for someones time as I think I need to give it a fresh finish at least. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Im located in The Basin, Vic but willing to travel. I did my sailing courses at Altona Yacht Club and am a current member at Sandringham.
Stuart Owen26-Jul-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recently purchased
Hi there, not sure if this forum is viewed very often these days as I've had trouble getting responses.
Your local sailing club who should be able to give hands on advice if you bring it along. I haven't been able to find much info on rigging these 125's.
I have found a few video's of 125's racing which give an idea of rigging. Especially if paused & a screen shot is taken. For example this one shows a close up of the launching of a spinnaker & gives an idea of how it is rigged.
I did an intro to sail course (2 days) at my local club using Pacer dinghy's which gave me an idea of the basic rigging, as with my club there may be someone experienced with spinnakers that will help.
This website has some useful info:
Good luck, I'd be interested in any other answers as I'm keen to get my Kite flying too.
Jish28-Jul-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recently purchased
Hi Jish and Stuart
The Victorian State association arranges regular training days during the season were 125 sailors meet up at one club, compare notes and race. Next season's are not set but will be posted in our newsletter - Kite work
Or jump on the Victorian Contacts page of this website and get in contact with one of the committee members.
Thor28-Jul-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recently purchased
G'day Thor, thanks for the link, great to see a 125 newsletter.

I'm up in Northern NSW, Is there a South East QLD 125 club you could recommend please?
Jish30-Jul-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recently purchased
Hi Jish, 125's sail out of Brisbane Sailing Squadron at Bulimba on the river on Saturdays and Darling Point Sailing Squadron out at Manly on Sundays. Sailing season kicks off at BSS on the 7th September, DPSS has not published their calendar yet. I have one boat set up with bags and the other set up with a chute, will happily send photos of the set ups if you flick me your email addresses.
Cheers Pete
QLD State President
Peter Mann31-Jul-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recently purchased
Hi Stuart,
We live in Upper Beaconsfield so you are welcome to come over one weekend to help set up your spinnaker.
Evan Gaulke31-Jul-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recently purchased
Hi Stuart, If you are still looking for help rigging your spinnaker there are planned family days being held before Christmas at Parkdale, Black Rock and Elwood . Bring your boat along and you will find 125 sailors happy to discuss rigging with you See the News and Events, Victoria page for the details

Alison20-Oct-2019    Edit    Delete 

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