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YouTube account now active
Hi all. I have set up an account for the 125 association. This is on a trial basis at the moment. When I have uploaded a new video I will post a note here and give a link to our relevant page. See below

The idea is to explore this medium. see what works and what doesn't. For the moment I will moderate the content, but will hand this over once the logistics are worked out. You can send the videos to me but I would prefer if you email me first with what you have got before sending. No good if you send something that will take several days to download.

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Re: YouTube account now active
Hi guys and gal,
thanks for the positive feedback on the first video, will try and go through my collection and put up more. Also we have our first subscriber to the account, not bad for less than 20 hours.

Feel free to contact me with ideas. Would love to put up things about rigging and sailing tips. Also, been alot of debate on rudders and adjustable levers. This might be a good forum for those issues to be explained and suggestion made. Two points on this though. One, Keep it nice. Its the fitting or the rigging system that is the issue, not the person (enough said, we are past the debate now and everyone has been well behaved, thanks). Two, post the comments here about what is good and bad about what is proposed. This should be able to give a wide range of well informed debate and could resolve many issues.

Such as, with the dagger board, demonstrate how the system would work, how to measure it, how to use it safely. Similarly, you could put a video up that shows why not!

Anyway, work out what and how you want this to work and I will try my best to fit this in to what we have. Thanks again


Barry Pike29-Jun-2007    Edit    Delete 

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