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old 125
I recently purchased 125 number 73, it has been undercover but unattended for several years. I'm new to sailing and planned a minimal fixup, retape transome, repair and glass small surface rot patches on floor, paint and learn to sail. Unforntuatly while I was stripping off the fitting and away from the boat that I had leaning on its side against a tree a "freek" gust of wind blew it over resulting in a large broken split in the floor running approx 800mm, along the floor batterns. Needless to say I was very annoyed. Anyway, I would like to know other peoples thoughts and experience about the possiblilty of making a good repair. Thankyou
allan9-Dec-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: old 125
Squeeze some epoxy glue into the crack and then glass over the inside using epoxy resin. If you can, run the glass cloth at 45 degrees to the crack.
andrew11-Dec-2007    Edit    Delete 

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