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Starting sailing
My husband recently bought a 125 class. He has no experience sailing although he used to be a rower. I'm concerned about third party insurance and safety issues in general. (He wants to take our 9 year old son sailing.) He thinks insurance is a waste of money. I think it's the responsible thing to do. If he joins a club will he be covered by their insurance? Any ideas or suggestions?
Flib29-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Starting sailing
You will not be covered by a sailing club's insurance. In terms of safety you probably should join a sailing club so people with more experience can keep an eye on you. The sailing club may insist you have 3rd party insurance to sail with them(Mine does). You may consider doing a sailing course. Most clubs run them at a reasonable cost.
Good Luck and enjoy your sailing
Craig31-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Starting sailing
Taking your 9 year old son sailing should not be a problem, provided you take some things into consideration:
~ where will you be sailing? If you don't join a club will there be other boats around who may be able to help if you get into trouble.

~ Making sure everyone wears a personal floatation device (lifejacket) that meets australian standards and is appropriate for their size and weight.

~ Take into consideration the weather - don't always go on the forcast, they are sometimes wrong. If you are rigging up the boat at the ramp and it's blowing a gale - don't go out, regardless of what the weatherman said.

As for insurance, I would highly recommend getting some. Yes, it is another expense, but it will be a lot cheaper than having to repare damage to your (or someone elses) boat in the event of an incident or collision. Boat insurance is like car insurance - it protects you and others in the event of a collision. Most clubs will demand that all members have current third party insurance, and will often ask for insurance papers to be produced. If you are ever planning to race the boat insurance is an absolute necessity - you will not be allowed to compete without it, even in B (family) division.

I would suggest doing a sailing course, as Craig said they are available at most sailing clubs. This will provide you with the basics of steering and crewing the boat, as well as capsize recovery. Some clubs will let you do the course (or at least some of the lessons) in your own boat - thus getting the feel of the boat you will actually be sailing. These courses are taught by experienced sailors, meaning that you and your son can go together and therefore you do not have to worry about trying to teach him when you are still trying to figure out what you are doing.

Good luck, have fun in 125's. Where abouts are you located? There are members from all over Australia here, someone nearby might be able to help you.
Vicky1-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Starting sailing
One of the best insurance/safety things ALL sailors should have is their Bronze Medalion or a resucitation qualification!
Having this knowledge may save someones life.
You can fix a boat easy.
I have NEVER been asked to provide insurance details to race yachts or sailboards.

greg4-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 

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