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Winter Series at Mordialloc SC
Hi fellow Victorians,
Mordialloc Sailing Club would like to invite all 125 sailors to their club to participate in their 8 race winter series, which begins August 5th. Races are held every Sunday, with a single long race start at 1pm. If we can get 5 or more 125's to a race, they will organise a separate start for the class. Other classes sailing will be Tasar, Flying Fifteen, Sabre, Laser & possibly a Pacer or Sabot or 2.
Hot showers, soup & food, all on hand after racing.
Feel free to contact me off list ( if you have any questions.
I hope to see a few of you there for some fun winter racing. If nothing else, use it as a reminder to work out what it was you were going to fix on the boat during the off season, but haven't quite gotten around to!
See ya.
Tim Marquardt4-Jun-2007    Edit    Delete 

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