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      Re: Sponsorshipjhugfd21-May-2009
      Re: SponsorshipWill21-May-2009
      Re: SponsorshipDerek Miles21-May-2009
      Re: SponsorshipLochy21-May-2009
      If you can get sponsorship - do it!steve low21-May-2009
      Re: SponsorshipWill21-May-2009
      Sponsorship rulessteve low24-May-2009
      What are the rules?mitch30-May-2009
      Re: SponsorshipLuke6-Jun-2009
      Sponsorship statussteve Low8-Jun-2009
      Re: SponsorshipHaydn Trenorden15-Jun-2009

Passing of Jack (John) CoomerBob Sayer20-May-2009

Timber 125 repairsMichael Naughton9-May-2009
      Re: Timber 125 repairshgftdsg10-May-2009
      Re: Timber 125 repairsDon Barnett10-May-2009
      Re: Timber 125 repairshgthejd11-May-2009
      Re: Timber 125 repairsGrant Steinback11-May-2009
      Builders bog is for houses not boats!!steve low16-May-2009
      Re: Timber 125 repairsSteve Baigrie26-Aug-2009
      Re: Timber 125 repairsGrant Steinback26-Aug-2009

Queensland Association - Presentation NightGrant Steinbeck26-Apr-2009
      Darling Point Sailing Squadron - Winter SeriesGrant Steinbeck26-Apr-2009
      Queensland 125ers - invited to RQYS Frostbite seriesGrant Steinbeck26-Apr-2009

125 Spinnaker setupAndrew Littleford11-Apr-2009
      Re: 125 Spinnaker setupDamian WRIGHT12-Apr-2009
      Re: 125 Spinnaker setupj greg13-Apr-2009
      Re: 125 Spinnaker setupBob S14-Apr-2009
      Re: 125 Spinnaker setupsteve low15-Apr-2009

Perth NationalsDamian WRIGHT26-Mar-2009
      Re: Perth NationalsBob Sayer30-Mar-2009
      Re: Perth NationalsDamian Wright30-Mar-2009
      Re: Perth NationalsAndrew30-Mar-2009
      Re: Perth NationalsDamian Wright31-Mar-2009
      Re: Perth NationalsSandy25-Apr-2009

Congratulations Erik Merkley (125 Web Site co-administrator)Bob S12-Mar-2009

Pictures of Victorian State ChampionshipsKeith Merkley10-Mar-2009
      Results of Victorian State ChampionshipsPeter14-Mar-2009

Uncle Al's Racing Rules in PicturesBob S6-Mar-2009

Qld State Titles Notice of raceKeith Merkley3-Mar-2009

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